Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kiffin in Cathcart Part 2

Mr. Kiffin was a merchant, carrying on business
with foreign countries, and especially with Holland.
He conducted his mercantile affairs with so
much skill that in a few years he was among the
wealthiest men in London, and known by all classes
of society throughout the kingdom as one of the
greatest of English merchant-princes. This made
him a conspicuous object for persecuting spite, and
it stirred up the cupidity of a base horde of informers,
whom the Stuarts employed to ruin Dissenters.
Lord Arlington, one of the secretaries of
Charles II., told Mr. Kiffin that he was on every
list of disaffected persons whose freedom was regarded
as dangerous to the government.

Cathcart, The Baptist Encyclopedia (1881), pg. 654.

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